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Various trademarks, which appear on Company documents and on the present website:

  • CerCell®, BactoVessel®, Stobbe® is registered trademarks of Stobbe Tech A/S, Denmark
  • CellVessel™, CellTank™, PerfuseCell™, ProlifeCell™, CellCore™, CellTumbler™, CerCore™, CerStack™, GlucoCell™, ConducCell™, TiterCell™, EnzyCell™, LactaCell™, PumpCell™, SplitVessel™, CellMembra™, CellCage™, Cronus-PCS™, iCORE™, CellMiscelatore™, cellBLU™, CellRetention™, CellTernate™, CellRider™ is trademarks of Stobbe Group
  • DASGIP®DASbox® is registered trademark of DASGIP Information and Process Technology GmbH, Juelich, Germany
  • Hamilton®, VisiFerm™, OneFerm™, OxyFerm is registered trademarks of Hamilton Company, Switzerland
  • BIOSTAT® is a registered trademark of Sartorius-Stedim Biotech AG, Germany
  • Applikon™ is a trademark of Applikon Biotechnology B.V., Netherland
  • Finesse™ is a trademark of Finesse Solutions LLC, USA
  • Presens™ is a trademark of PreSens Precision Sensing GmbH, Germany
  • Kollmorgen® is the registered trademarks of Danaher Corporation, USA
  • FermProbe®, OxyProbe®, Broadley-James® are the registered trademarks of Broadley-James Corporation, USA
  • iCELLis® is a registered trademark of PALL Life Science, USA.
  • bioBLU® is a registered trademark of Eppendorf AG®, Germany.
  • Repligen®, XCell™ is a registered trademark and trademark of Repligen Corporation, USA.
  • C-Flex® is a registrated trademark of Saint-Gobain, France.  
  • Luer-Lok® is a registered trademark of Becton, Dickinson & Company.

All other trademarks and/or registrations are the property of their respective owners.


Patents and patent applications owned by Stobbe Group licensed to daughter companies for manufacturing and marketing:

CerCore1 - "Method and device for industrial biolayer cultivation" - exclusive license to ProlifeCell

  • EP2379699 is granted
  • US9228579 is granted

CerCore2 - "Device and method for industrial cultivation of cells" - exclusive license to ProlifeCell

  • US9677038 is granted

CerCore3 - "Device for industrial biolayer cultivation" - exclusive license to ProlifeCell

  • Pending in national phase

CerPhragm - "Electronically controlled diaphragm pump" - multiple licenses

  • EP2379889 is granted in IT, DE, GB, FR, CH
  • US14/945219 is pending

CellMembra - "Disposable Bioprocess System supporting biological activity" - exclusive license to PerfuseCell

  • EP 16724365.8 is pending
  • Canada 2,993,709 is pending
  • US15/750,938 is pending
  • China 2016800571984 is pending
  • South Korea 10-2018-7003743 is pending
  • Japan 2018-527001 is pending

Retention System - "Disposable Bioprocess System for biological activity" - exclusive license to PerfuseCell

  • US patent application US20180155667



  • Specific photos, website link around Bakker turbines with permission by André Bakker.
  • All other photos, download links, website link references, and videos with permission by Per Stobbe.
  • Specific photos use Terry Casssano, Kevin Klejn, Anders Elsberg, August Stobbe as models - with permission.