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The new iCORE mini Single-Use-Bioreactor (CP-SUB) also fits into the otherwise excellent working iCELLis® Nano docking station. The iCORE SUB requires NO manual labour, time consuming high temperature sterilization and eliminate all contamination risks. iCORE contains scaffold for adherent mammalian cells.

The iCORE CP-SUB operates well under steady-state conditions with a constant fresh media flow in and same harvest flow out for expression or proliferation. The iCORE unit integrates three Single-Use-Sensor's (SUS) of which the classical signal SUS pH fits any Process-Control-System (PCS). Second SUS is the VisiWell for the Hamilton VisiFerm well know DO sensor. Third SUS is the integrated Aber PICO capacitance based bio-mass SUS.

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