• Item 1
    Scaffold bioreactor combined with diaphragm pump
  • Item 2
    multiple 1 ml scaffold test
  • Item 3
    Diaphragm pump Drive Unit for scaffold SUB
  • Item 4
    CellTank compared against CellVessel on DasGip
  • Item 5
    CellTank-34 assembled with media reservoir
  • Item 6
    150 mio/cells/ml durability / expression at KTH
  • Item 7
    Scaffold SUB + 2 month in KTH lab
  • Item 8
    HE-SUB driven by MST and Kollmorgen servo motor
  • Item 9
    CellTank-34 after 2 month continuous
  • Item 10
    mini scaffold for stem cell proliferation


ProlifeCell was the driver behind the HE-SUB project with the purpose to investigate performance of scaffold CP-SUBs integrating diaphragm SUPs.


ProlifeCell is concerned with research and development of scaffold based Single-Use-Bioreactors for Continues Processing of stem cells.

Organ engineering

ProlifeCell believes that within our future lays the need for therapeutic treatments and artificial organ engineering at affordable prices.