Micro perfusion CP-SUB

CellCompact 32 is a novel Micro CP-SUB

The smallest CP-SUB we offer for very early investigation.

The Micro-CP-SUB kit is based on 1 ml matrix volume originally designed for work at the cell lab at KTH in Stockholm - www.biotech.kth.se. For testing and screening purposes of adherent as well as suspension type of micro-organisms, mammalian cells, insect cells, stem cells in scaffolding's, etc. Laminar media flow across the ~ 18 mm wide x 18 mm long x 1-3 mm thick matrix body being visible from both sides through transparent walls. To be used in combination with a suitable pump for media exchange, re-circulation. Samples are obtainable before and after and by flushing cavities in the porous scaffold.

One kit consists of the following parts connected in series

  • One or more assemblies manufactured from polycarbonate and assembled with silicone
  • 1 ml Micro-CP-SUB of CellCore scaffoldings ranging selectable 50-200 µm pore or your preferred scaffolding, micro carriers, coating, etc.
  • silicone tubing
  • pumping tubing for 5-10 ml/min media flow capacity (equivalent to 0-10 cm/min flux)
  • one one-way valve or hose clamp allowing bio mass to be removed from the MPB (large Luer-Lok syringe not supplied)
  • Luer-Lok syringe sampling via swabable valves (small Luer-Lok syringe not supplied)
  • Standard 21-0250 SUB with support for optional three Single-Use-Sensor’s
  • Supplied E-beam irradiated in dual bags for single-use application

Typical usage

  1. Micro scale perfusion cultivation accumulating expressed product into the STR (>50 ml working volume)
  2. Micro scale perfusion cultivation allowing proliferation or bleeding of cells sequentially to be drawn manually from the Micro-CP-SUB with a syringe

General comments and suggestions

  • Mount the light weight STR in Heating-Support-Foot (HSF not part of kit) on a low power stirrer table with heating and temperature control
  • STR working volume range from 50-250 ml volume