Macro perfusion CP-SUB

CellCompact 33-0015 is a novel Macro CP-SUB

The next step in small CP-SUB for very early investigation.

The kit is based on 15 ml cylindrical matrix volume being OD 32 x 18 mm. Designed for testing of adherent, suspension type of mammalian cells, insect cells, stem cells in order to; 1. Locate the optimum scaffolding support for CellTank or larger, 2. Small scale perfusion in general. CellCompact kits used in combination with a suitable pump for media re-circulation (like from Samples obtainable 1. before 2. and after 3. and flushed from the inside of the matrix.

One kit consists of the following parts connected in series

  • Body manufactured from polyamide, polycarbonate and assembled with silicone including the scaffolding
  • 15 ml assembly including one of the CellCore scaffoldings (such as # 09, 11, 13, 15, 17) or your own preferred scaffolding, micro carrier, etc.
  • silicone tubing
  • Std tubing for 100 ml/min media flow capacity (equivalent to 12 cm/min flux) and 25 hour life time (use special pump hose for longer usage)
  • hose clamp allowing bio mass to be removed (large Luer-Lok syringe not supplied)
  • Luer-Lok syringe sampling via swabable valves (small Luer-Lok syringe not supplied)
  • Standard 21-0250 SUB with support for optional three Single-Use-Sensor’s
  • Supplied E-beam irradiated in transparent foil bags for single-use application

Typical usage

  1. Seeding test for scaffolding determination for CellCore platform integrated in CellTank and CellReactor. The planned cell line to use is suspended in the SUB and separated from the 150 ml media over 0-2 hours’ time as the suspension is re-circulated through the CellCompact. Check out the SOP / guides of use under Support.
  2. Macro scale perfusion cultivation accumulating expressed product into the SUB
  3. Macro scale perfusion cultivation allowing proliferation samples sequentially to be drawn from the SUB

General comments and suggestions

  • Mount the light weight SUB in Heating-Support-Foot (HSF not part of kit) on a low power stirrer table with heating and temperature control
  • SUB working volume range from 50-250 ml volume