CP-SUB for expression

This newsletter is all about Continues Processing.

Who not mimic the natural circumstances for mammalian cells and harbour them inside a scaffold during Continuous Processing (CP). Cultivating 150 mio/cells/ml requires good understanding of material science and fluid dynamics. CellTank is an all disposable device designed for laboratory-scale expression of monoclonal antibodies and other therapeutic biomolecules.

Find more details on this link: www.prolifecell.com/product/cellcore-serie-33-36

Please find the interesting article from Journal of Biotechnology 2015 at this link www.prolifecell.com/download/references

The photo of me below show a 5 liter typical STR at 25 kilo against the white 1 kilo CP-Single-Use-Bioreactor in my left hand. Off course those two options cultivate the same amount of CHO cell's !! Though the STR for one week (batch) and CellTank for 8 weeks (CP)!

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Per Stobbe