CellTank Continuous Cultivation

Hello, my second newsletter about Continues Processing.

Mimic the natural circumstances for mammalian cells during Continuous Cultivation inside a scaffold. Harbouring 150 mio/cells/ml require good understanding of material science and fluid dynamics. CellTank is an all disposable device designed for laboratory-scale expression of monoclonal antibodies and other therapeutic bio molecules.

Please find some interesting articles from Journal of Biotechnology 2015 at this link

Harbour cells close to each other in the CellCore network of envelopes for zero media gradients. Improve specific productivity and simultaneously cultivate at very high cell density like 50% concentration of tissue. Operates under genuine continues cultivation with steady-state conditions for 1-2 month.

CellTank integrates the patented CellCore flow dynamics principle and is scalable 1:1,000. Contains various Single-Use-Sensors and PumpCell technologies that enable processing of adherent as well as suspension cells in a fully closed system.

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Per Stobbe