A range of mechanical Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST)

For adaptation to servo motors from various Process-Control-System´s (PCS) for easy usage of CellTank-34 facilitating centrifugal pumps with Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) product.

MST is available in 3 sizes

  • Standard MST with dimension 390x180x50 mm
  • Compact MST with dimension 320x180x50 mm
  • Ultra MST with dimension 280x180x50 mm

Standard size MST pn 2250 / ID39-B adapter mounted with 15 mm high white SUB-Support-Square (SSS). To the most right the MST-U is mounted with the 35 mm high CP-SUB-Support-Square (SSS) foot.

MST facilitate two popular servo motor adaptor concept’s

Mounted with ID39-B adapter and drive axle mounted with PowerGrip ZN21 sprocket. Fits

  • Biostat PCS from Sartorius® with older Kollmorgen® 6SM servo motor with ID50 adapter and magnetic drive (requires ID39-B conversion kit)
  • Biostat PCS from Sartorius with Kollmorgen® AKM servo motor and ID39-B adapter
  • Biostat PCS from Sartorius with latest Pabst® servo motor and ID39-B adapter
  • Jupiter PCS from Solaris and servo motor with ID39-B adapter
  • Horae MDS from Cronus-PCS with Kollmorgen AKM motor and ID39-B adapter
  • Finesse® PCS with Kollmorgen or Teknic servo motor and ID39-B adapter

MST mounted with the 4-pin ID25-A adapter is widely used standard by several PCS and fits among others

  • Applikon DC servo motors size P100 for SUBs in general
  • Broadley-James servo motor (different sizes)