iCORE design

Mini CP-SUB with scaffold

The iCORE CP-SUB operates well under steady-state conditions with a constant fresh media flow in and same harvest flow out for proliferation purposes. The iCORE unit integrate three Single-Use-Sensor’s (SUS) of which the classical signal SUS pH fits all PCS. Further second SUS is the VisiFerm® which fit into the VisiWellTM SUS part. The third SUS is the fully integrated capacitance based PICO bio-mass SUS.

Sensor's removed from the SUB. pH sensor easy to spot. VisiFerm all cylindrical. The green top bio-mass sensor being the single-use part with the re-usable FUTURA pre-amplifier.

Pre-installed Single-Use-Sensor's

  • DO - VisiWell by ProlifeCell for your own VisiFerm from Hamilton
  • pH - OneFerm by Hamilton
  • Bio-mass - PICO capacitance by Aber
  • Level sensor - dual electrodes by ProlifeCell
  • Glucose optional, Lactate is our future expectation

A development project is in process partnering between:

Startup and progress info available on this site as the project develops.