Mass flow inside

On-line and in-situ info about liquid flow

CellTank-34 CP-SUBs integrates a rotameter for mass flow sensing. This in order to adjust the RPM of the centrifugal pump and obtain the best possible media velocity through the scaffold.

Flow measurement instrumentation

Rotameter measures the total media flow performed by the integrated re-circulating pump after the scaffold. This allows the operator to obtain the desired media flux over the scaffold. Flux is the media velocity passing across the matrix in the range of 0-30 cm/min. Combined with the sparging gas composition these measures allow the operator to design a process with limited dO2 gradient facilitating high density of viable cells.

Build-in rotameter is calibrated to Lonza DMEM media containing 4,5% glucose at 37°C. At left the white polyamide flotation body is shaped as a cylinder with an umbrella. The wide umbrella edge is the read out of the actual mass flow in litres / minute.

Left - CellTank-34 on MST p/n 2250 – the SUB containing 2% serum CD media illustrates the limited foam production at 350 rpm and 12l/h sparging gas. Center - the black flotation body on the SS rod measure 1,9 l/min mass flow in the rotameter. This early setup designed for BioStat with liquid thermal control. Right – conical rotameter on the right side of CP-SUB show media outlet at top.

On CellTank-34 the scale in litre/minute mass flow is equivalent with 10 x cm/minute media through scaffold velocity.