pH Hamilton

selectable Glass Single-Use-Sensors (SUS)

Pre-installed pH sensor along with assembling and before bagging. Hereafter the complete product is E-beam irradiated and ready for use. Available in PG 13,5 x 120 for CellTank and CellCompact-32 / 33 and 225 mm for CP-SUB CellReactor.

pH sensor manufactured by Hamilton with 2-10 pH range and type K9 or VP6 connector. High precision measurement and +6 month workable lifetime. Need only 1-2 hour conditioning in media before one point calibration and use.

Two Hamilton models are available

  • OneFerm, classical analogue signal, socket selectable S8 or K9
  • OneFerm, classical analogue signal, VP6 socket, built-in RTD or Pt1000 sensor, connector VP6

The OneFerm pH sensors are pre-calibrated and the values for offset and slope are recorded on a certificate. Then, on customer site these values must be inserted in the PCS followed by a one-point calibration based on the media pH value.

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