Glucose C-CIT

On-line and in-situ Glucose and Lactate

CITSens Bio sensors are based on screen printed electrodes, which are coated with an immobilized enzyme. The sensing tip is built into the standard size PG 13,5 PEEK sensor body (120 mm and 225 mm) and installed in the CP-SUBs.


Measuring range 0 - 30 mmol/L 0 - 5.4 g/L
Precision +/- 0.1 mmol/L
Resolution 0.1 mmol/L

Measuring range 0 - 15 mmol/L 0 – 1.35 g/L
Precision +/- 0.1 mmol/L
Resolution 0.1 mmol/L

Glucose & Lactate combined in the same sensor body

Dry storage at 20°C: 3 month

Typical operation time: 3 weeks

The measured data are by the blue BioBeamer transmitted to the radio receiver ZOMOFI and transferred to a PC via LAN. Alternatively, various Process-Control-Systems suppliers integrate the C-CIT PCB transmitter for simplified adoption to the SUS. Further details available on