CellTank aeration is smart

Aeration of CellTank is quite simple very smart

Oxygen mass transfer in typical sparged Stirred-Tank-Bioreactors has been described detailed in the literature. The rate of gas/liquid mass transfer in a bioreactor is affected by such factors as the operating conditions, geometric parameters and the physicochemical properties of the medium (eg, primary/secondary metabolites, HMW products, and added surface active agents). These medium properties can also be affected by direct effects of the cells themselves. Mass transfer, and therefore kLa values, for packed bed reactors are different from those for typical STR for such reasons as the absence of cells in the medium in circulation for gas exchange. 

CellTank technology provides mass transfer through sparging of the cell-free medium via a small hole sparge apparatus just outside of the CellCore matrix body inside the container. As the cells are harboured inside the core body and aeration takes place outside cells are protected.  CellCore features a recirculated cell-free medium volume of approximately 5 x larger than the scaffolding volume, and a recirculation rate in the range of 1 - 2 medium volume minute. 

CellTank sparging is through an ID3/OD6 mm silicone hose equipped with a series of 0.3 mm holes. 3-12 litre/hour mixed gas volume is recommended for kLa figures of 40-50 or more. There is NO cell-to-bubble contact as the cells are harboured inside the scaffold inside the core body.